Four Handy Tips for Managing Your Lawn After the Spring Rains Have Arrived

In many areas, the spring months mean warmer temperatures, more sunshine and plenty of beneficial rainfall that your yard may thrive with. These are prime growing conditions for your lawn, but they can also make lawn maintenance a challenge. By following these helpful tips, you can take better care of your yard during the rainy spring season. Re-Seed or Re-Sod Carefully The spring months are one of the best times of the year to re-seed or re-sod your lawn. If you have bare spots in your yard, … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing: Why Buying Raw Land Can Be an Excellent Long-term Strategy

When many people think about investing in property, they think about purchasing income-producing real estate such as a residential property or an office building with tenants. There are indeed many benefits associated with investing in income-producing property. For example, these properties may produce rent that can offset your ownership expenses. However, buying raw land can also be an excellent long-term investment strategy. By learning more about the benefits of investing in raw land, you … [Read more...]

Buying a Classic Older Home? Three Upgrades You’ll Need to Make Immediately

While some home buyers only want to live in a brand new home and will custom build a home to their specifications, others are drawn to the historic character and charm of a classic home. Older homes may have incredible architectural detail and special features that you simply do not want to change. However, there are some essential features that should be upgraded as soon as possible after you take ownership of your classic home. The Electrical Panel Many older homes were built at a time when … [Read more...]